Metropolitan Storage is part of the Metropolitan Lifestyle Group that was founded in 2010. It has various lifestyle related business including wine storage, fine wine sales, catering service, serviced apartments and co-working space. Metropolitan Storage aims at providing clients with safe and yet affordable storage space that comes with style and good service. Borrowing from our experience in wine storage, we pay special attention in storage conditions, safety as well as style. We only pick places that has fire sprinklers, convenient access from public transport, and we then turn them into mini storage with tasteful design and good services. We are quickly building up a network of ministorage all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories that will serve to add another dimension to your home and office.


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Kwai Chung Store, Ms. Ng


Yuen Long Store, Mrs. Yip

This is my first time to Hong Kong & I rented a locker in their Kwai Chung shop. I am really expecting to enjoy their special moon cake gift soon.

Kento, Kwai Chung Shop


Chai Wan Store, Mrs. Chan

I am very pleased with their customer service, very quick response.

Mr. Sen,F&B Operator,Chai Wan Shop

I saw Metro Storage in Facebook and sent them a message. They replied to me almost instantly. Impressive!

Sha Tin Store, Mrs. Smith

Very good customer service. They listened to what I need.

Yuen Long Store, Mr. Suzuki


Sha Tin Store, Mrs. Mok, The General Manager of Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly

I have been their wine storage customer for years & I just rented two more lockers for my books.

Kwai Chung Store, Mr. Brown, MNC Human Resources Director


Kwai Chung Store, Ms. Ng, Fashion Wholesaler




Yuen Long Store, Mr. Leung, Retired

Speedy response, good customer service. Two thumbs up!

Tim Tsang


Chai Wan Store, Mr. Lam



Thank you for their attentive illustration of the registration procedures.

Jasper Wong

上次睇中個倉但俾人訂咗,點知另一個客後來又取消咗,佢哋好快 call 番我,等我即刻可以用,非常好!

Sha Tin Store, Ms. Chui

服務唔錯, WhatsApp 都覆得好快!

Sha Tin Store, Mr. Kowk


Yuen Long Store, Mrs. Yip

Shop neat and tidy, attentive customer service.

Kwai Chung Store, Mr. Ashley

店員好 helpful,幫我安排埋運輸。

Yuen Long Store, Ms. Wong


Kwai Chung Store, Mr. Ng

I really like the light setting. 光猛.... 同以前租開果間好唔同。

Chai Wan Store, Mr. T. Wong

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