【Extra】Metro Storage Referral Program

You think our service and quality are good? Why not recommend us to your relatives or friends to become Metro Storage member together?

Every successful referral case, you can get a $100 supermarket coupon for showing our appreciation to your trust in our service. In every 5 successful cases, you can get an extra $500 supermarket coupon! The more successful case, more coupon you can get!

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Case Sample 1:
Mrs. Chan is a housewife and also our existing client, she will join some interest classes with her friends and all of them are facing the same issue – insufficient house spacing. So she recommended Metro Storage to them and successfully refer 4 friends to different Metro Storage outlets. She can get 4 x $200 supermarket coupons and if she can refer one more friend, not only she can get 1 x $200 supermarket coupon, but also get extra 1 x $500 supermarket coupon!

Under this referral scheme, she earn $800 supermarket coupon already. If she successfully refer one more friend, she can get $1,500 supermarket coupon in total.

Case Sample 2:

Mr. Cheung is a cycling enthusiast and will join his friends for cycling quite often, However, most of the estate in Hong Kong is not allow people to put any personal stuff in the public corridor; also the bicycle is often stolen or broken down in the street bicycle parking area. Therefore, he decided to store his bicycle in Metro Storage. Because of the good services and store environment, he recommend the storage service to his friends and successfully referred 10 friends to Metro Storage.He can get 10 x $200 supermarket coupon + 2 extra $500 supermarket coupon.

Under this referral scheme, he earn $3,000 supermarket coupon in total.

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* Referrer must be our existing client
* 3 months or above prepayment with specific amount
* The decision of Metropolitan Storage shall be final

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